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“Wake Up with Jim and Saab” hosts aim to be a credible source of information for their growing “PodFam” | #KailanganTotoo

Jan 18, 2022
2 min
The PumaPodcast Team

Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona-Bacarro’s podcast has served as their listeners’ guide to growing up for four years. They’ve talked about pop culture, relationships, adulting, social change, and seemingly everything in between, with being honest with yourself and others as a core objective.

Lovingly dubbed by their fans as their “PodParents,” the couple says they try to strike a balance between being entertaining and informational. Their latest effort? Joining the #KailanganTotoo advocacy campaign to promote using one’s platform responsibly.

“We also continue to carry the responsibility of staying honest and educated so we can be a credible source of information for you,” says Jim Bacarro.

Right along with reminding their “PodKids” to always be true to themselves, they should help society become a more truthful one too. Echoing Rob Cham’s #KailanganTotoo illustration, they tell their audience that reporting fake news is a small, but impactful act they can make.

Read Jim and Saab’s full posts here:


There’s never a wrong time to talk about the truth. You can still join the #KailanganTotoo campaign! 

Choose from our roster of artists’ work for the campaign that resonates with you most and share that image along with a photo of yourself in your element, share fact-checking tips from our friends at VERA Files, and tell your own story of putting the truth first in your online and offline endeavors. Don’t forget to tag us, VERA Files, and three friends to join the movement. Use the hashtag “#KailanganTotoo” so we can read your stories too!

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