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Why mix it up?

Sep 27, 2021
Carl Javier

PumaPodcast has been making all kinds of pods for our listeners for close to three years now. We like to think we know what people like. We spend endless hours obsessing over our edits so that our shows pass our quality standards. We look at the forever-scroll of data about listens and downloads and all these other metrics, trying to turn it all into information that can inform how we can make our pods better. But one thing that we know we need to do more of? Ask our audience. It seems the simplest thing, but it isn’t. 

We understand how important it is to listen to our audience, because, hey, we know that you guys are just as smart (if not smarter), that you all love podcasts as much as (or more than) we do, and most of all, you know what you want and don’t want better than we do. 

And this isn’t just a survey so we know if we should make our podcasts longer or shorter, or if you want cool album art or you don’t care at all about that (although we also want to know those things). What this is, is a big project that will help the PumaPodcast Audience guide the future development of our podcasting as an organization. We are always looking at ways to be better, and one way that we can definitely become better is by bringing our audience into the mix.

So why a remix? Because we already dropped the original track. What PumaPodcast has done in the last few years has followed our “feel”. We explored podcasting. We tried to figure ourselves out. And, if it isn’t patting ourselves on the back too much, we’ve created some very good work. That’s the original track. 

Now it’s time to remix that track. Maybe we want to take that and turn it into a party banger or into something that totally reimagines what it could be. Or maybe just turn up a few elements to highlight the cool parts that others might not have noticed in the original mix. Whatever that is, it’s something that we need to ask our audience, our community, our people, to help us with. 

That’s what The Great PumaPodcast Remix is all about. And we hope that you help us with this remix.

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