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What Kind of Podcast Listener are You?

Sep 30, 2021
Ela Robles

When it was developed in 2004, podcasts were just internet radio broadcasts that were only available to be downloaded onto your iPod. Fastforward to 2021, where we've seen a boom in the diversity of podcasts in terms of topics, formats, and availability. There are over 2 million active podcasts worldwide, and if you listen to as many podcasts as we do, you've surely developed a few habits.

What kind of podcast listener are you?

1-5 points – You’re Podcast Curious

You’re new to the world of podcasts. You’ll listen to an episode if someone recommends it, and have probably started your journey in looking for a pod that catches your attention. Keep at it! You’ll find the one that’s just right for you.

6-10 points – You’re a Super Listener

You started with one, and fell down a rabbit hole of endless pod-ssibilities. You’ve memorized the posting schedule of your favorite pods so you know to keep that time open to listen to the latest episode. You love feeling like you’re in on the conversation. You keep podcasts in the background of every activity, and won’t start a chore unless you’ve found the perfect one. 

11-15 points – You’re a Podcast Connoisseur

Podcasts are your go-to medium, whether for entertainment or information. You know what you like to hear in terms of topic, hosts, and even sound design. Not only do you love listening to pods, you love interacting with them on their social media too. Finding a fellow listener is music, or should I say, podcast to your ears!

Podcasts are just people shouting into the void without its listeners, so thanks for being one of ours. Happy International Podcast Day!

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