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Cj de Silva-Ong says, #KailanganTotoo

Dec 6, 2021
The PumaPodcast Team

As we head into the 2022 elections, social media continues to be weaponized by those who spread fake news and disinformation. Every storyteller has a role to play in fighting disinformation and pushing for truth. If you have a platform, you have a responsibility. Along with VERA Files and our artist collaborators, we pledge: #KailanganTotoo.

#KailanganTotoo, kaya kailangan mag-verify bago i-share.
#KailanganTotoo, kaya maging mapanuri sa pagpasok sa mga endorsements at partnerships.
#KailanganTotoo, kaya dapat magpakatotoo sa mga realidad sa ating lipunan.

Artwork by Cj de Silva-Ong
#KailanganTotoo— Pero ano nga ba ang totoo?

We currently live in a culture where facts are easily twisted to support anyone's agenda, and is just as easily disseminated and believed. Paano dapat natin i-approach ang katotohanan now that political tensions are high, at tumataas ang tendency nating makulong sa ating mga cultural bubbles?

What if we approach the truth—both truth-seeking and truth-sharing with humility— to hear other perspectives, to apologize when we've made a mistake? The truth is always bigger than any of us. Let's burst the bubbles we've put ourselves inside of, and be humble enough to accept that we don't know everything, and verify our sources even if we think we do. Let's burst our own bubbles so we can embrace the truth and it can attract, persuade, and welcome more people.

— Cj de Silva-Ong

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