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Catch Me If You Can pa more!

Sep 21, 2022
2 min
PumaPodcast Team

They’re baaaaack! Launching on September 23, 2022, Jonathan Ong and Kat Ventura are returning with Season 2 of Catch Me If You Can - this time with twice as much content! As you wait for these next six episodes to drop, here are some resources you might find interesting.

If you’re a listener looking for more resources…

Catch Me If You Can Season 1 did incredibly well! Episode 1, Trolls, trolls, trolls! has been our most listened to episode. The uncovering of the inner workings of troll farms and other digital operators has found resonance with audiences from all over the globe. However, listeners from the Philippines did have a particular request from the team behind this whistleblowing podcast: a Tagalog version.

While the hosts speak in Taglish on the episodes, we now have the transcripts available with Tagalog translations to help more audiences learn from and appreciate the depth of information the research uncovered.

Click on the buttons below to access copies of the transcripts.

If you’re from a media outlet, a non-profit, a student organization, or maybe even a fellow podcaster who wants to inquire about having the hosts speak at your event, webinar, or show…
Our hosts are happy to connect with more audiences and share their work and their passion around the issue of disinformation. Please contact us comms@pumapodcast.com with relevant details of your speaking engagement.

If you’re an educator interested in using the show as a resource…

We’re working on putting together some materials to help students and teachers engage with the content. Please check back in soon!

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